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Secret Web Assets

Colin Klinkert is the genius behind Social Monkee and Viral Link Networks. I’ve admired what he does for a long time.

Not only does he manage to get awesome rankings (his site for OMG Machines is second only to the official OMG Machines site itself), he also manages to be pretty much Google-proof.

While everyone else got hit by Penguin and Panda, his rankings weren’t even touched.

You might think he does all sorts of SEO to get rankings like that.

But you’d be wrong.

In fact, of all the different SEO tactics out there, he just uses 9.

And now he’s revealed what’s worth doing, and what ones are just deadwood: Continue reading

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Niche Video Training Course Sells For $97 A Month

Don’t believe me? The guy who is selling this course paid $25,000 for the Private Label Rights to it. But before he could work it into his launch schedule, he realized it would be better utilized if he sold the rights to it just to recoup his $25k since he would be close to 2 years before he would be able to launch it… His urgency is your lucky day! But this offer closes on January 28th! Continue reading

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Less Than 9 Hours For This WSO

It’s hard to believe but this software not only creates, and "spins" slide-show videos, but also automatically submits them to YouTube as well.. unlike other products that can’t hold a candle to Video Niche Dominator 2… http://wsoinsiders.com/go/video-niche-dominator But – This … Continue reading

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Wow! Did you see this about Solavei? Get in free now!

New members who enroll for mobile service by October 31st will receive their first month of mobile service for free, a savings of $49. If they bring their own phone, their SIM card is free, a savings of $29. For … Continue reading

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Product Launches Suck!

I just watched a new content-packed case study.   This guy is killing it in a crazy little niche that has nothing to do with “Internet Marketing”.   And he’s using a special little twist that turns his launch model into an “ev… Continue reading

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