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Protecting Yourself Against Social Media Legal Risks

Here’s a great book to read about safeguarding you and your business against the legal risks of using social media in your marketing. In fact, even if you aren’t using social media to market your business… This book covers non-social media topics that every online business owner should know. The book is called “Navigating Social […] Continue reading

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Here’s The Best Product Launch Formula Bonus

Sorry but my Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 4.0 Bonus is no longer available. Thanks to everyone that used my link to join…. I’ve got some amazing bonuses coming your way…. we’ll be in touch starting next week! Continue reading

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By: Jeff Johnson

We all started from scratch, including me so don’t let not having a large and responsive list get in the way… post great content, promote it and consider launching your own product to help jumpstart your list 🙂 Continue reading

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