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iDNA: Revolution – Another Reason To Be Thankful

The day has finally come! You are lucky to be reading this. In fact, every day that Yvonne and I wake up, we are grateful! But you have even more to be thankful for this morning! Just launching is Inspiration … Continue reading

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By: Ozcan

Thanks. That’s something I’m thinking about but I want to learn how to make this business work first. I need to learn how to mix video and script in a product also. I guess it should be a downloadable mix.I will consider your thought and try to find a way. Thanks again. Go newbies 🙂 Continue reading

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By: Jeff Johnson

If you feel there is enough trafffic and a demand for it in your country, create your own product 🙂 Continue reading

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By: Ozcan

Hello Jeff, I’ve just started my site as a blog on wordpress. Actually I can’t afford a hosting yet so didn’t buy the domain too. Guess what, I can’t even afford an Aweber account 🙂 I am not going to do a launch, I am planning to promote existing products on my subject.I’m not sure but as I learned from your stuff this should be my path; I have the main site, I need to build my blogs that are going to link to my main site, then ı need to use openx to create my own ads that are gonna rotate to my main site, then I have to use wordpress plug in to build a list instead of using Aweber because I can’t afford it, and then find an affiliate product and announce it on every site that I have and also mail it to my list.Well, I live in Turkey and affiliate marketing and my subject are both considered niche in my country. Problem is I can’t find any products (they are mostly written ones and all in English) other than in English.Is that a mistake to make an approach in Turkish? Do I have to do IM in English? Actually I really wanted to buy AffiliateDotCom bonus but 2000+ bucks?!?I am a real fast learner and I consumed lots of knowledge in just 5 days but the market I am in just multiplies the level of struggle if it is not.I am really stuck at the point I am now, and I can’t even figure out what my main question is to take just one step further.Thanks in advance. Hope to hear you soon. Continue reading

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MobiBlueprint Bonus For A Killer Make Money With Mobile Phone Training Program

The Mobiblueprint launch is officially over and my Mobibleprint Bonus offer is no longer available. We’ll be contacting our verfied Mobiblueprint buyers via email by September 1oth, 2010 about claiming their bonus. And thanks to everyone that use… Continue reading

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