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Colin Klinkert is the genius behind Social Monkee and Viral Link
Networks. I’ve admired what he does for a long time.
Not only does he manage to get awesome rankings (his site for OMG
Machines is second only to the official OMG Machines site itself),
he also manages to be pretty much Google-proof.

While everyone else got hit by Penguin and Panda, his rankings
weren’t even touched.

You might think he does all sorts of SEO to get rankings like that.

But you’d be wrong.

In fact, of all the different SEO tactics out there, he just uses 9.

And now he’s revealed what’s worth doing, and what ones are just

Colin Klinkert makes thousands from individual product reviews, and
had a six-figure income from AdSense last year.

How does he do it?

Easy.  He’s an SEO ninja, and he can get pretty much any site, in
any niche, to #1.  That means a LOT of traffic, and a LOT of

Of course, it’d be easy to make that kind of money if we could all
rank like that, right?

Well, how about I told you Colin was spilling all his secrets, for
one week only?

Check this out:

Take a good look and then decide if you like the idea of ranking
sites once and continuing to enjoy the benefits, or doing the work
once and enjoying the passive income…

This is not rocket surgery or brain science. Just a step by step
plan for success:

Your success,


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