Niche Video Training Course Sells For $97 A Month


FireSale PLR To $97 a month ProductThis is your opportunity to have  fully functional niche membership site with a year of content created for you that you can sell memberships for up to $97 per month! The niche for this product is very lucrative! People pay $250 a month for this type of content!

Don’t believe me? The guy who is selling this course paid $25,000 for the Private Label Rights to it. But before he could work it into his launch schedule, he realized it would be better utilized if he sold the rights to it just to recoup his $25k since he would be close to 2 years before he would be able to launch it… His urgency is your lucky day! But this offer closes on January 28th!

Watch this video now!

I wouldn’t even be telling anyone about it if I didn’t know the guy selling it. He is a real stand up guy who has helped a lot of my customers in the past, so I know he will take good care of you!

Take a few minutes and watch this video before he pulls it down!

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