The 21 Day Autopilot Campaign That Converts Like Crazy

Stop Leaving Money On The Table by not having a profitable IMMEDIATE backend in place to automatically sell during the 21 days after someone buys your WSO

How would it feel if instead of having to *DO* all the work to create that complete backend – you could just copy and paste and implement it in literally a couple of hours.

Here’s the thing, if you are currently selling warrior offers, or other low ticket offerings, a percentage of the people who buy from you would invest at $387 – $1000 or more within 21 days.

–> A Total Cookie – Cutter $1000 Coaching Program Sales Letter – I will share with you the ACTUAL sales letter I personally use to generate $1000 clients. Now, this is going to be a LIVE page to my $1000 program (actually I use high-level psychological psychobabble crazy pricing so it’s really $984 and no change) – and you can feel free to copy or use as much of it as you want, or don’t want. Use it as an example of what works. Take out what you don’t like. Add in what you are good at.

PLUS… You’ll get:
–>My OWN 21 Day Email Campaign that converts like crazy! Now, obviously this shares some of my own experiences, so you’ll want to edit each email so it reflects . . . YOU, but other than that, this is practically cookie cutter. Just edit the emails (takes less than one hour) to reflect YOU and you are ready to upload them to your autoresponder. Just plug the URL of the coaching letter you write based on mine and others you use as swipes and I guarantee sales will come in on autopilot – making you backend money with no additional effort.

(By the way, I just mentioned guaranteed . . . and this is 100% guaranteed – FOR LIFE. Not 30 days, not 60 days – but for as long as you live! Try it out, use it for as long as you want – and if at any time you want your money back – well, you’ll get it! Is that ultra-fair, or what!)

You’ll also get:
–> Get access to the EXACT teleseminar/webinar that is currently converting at ~15% to $387 so you can see what’s working TODAY
–>A complete 2 – segment VIDEO teaching you the EXACT way to structure YOUR teleseminar/webinar so that it converts just like mine. I show you exactly how to create a powerful, high converting teleseminar/webinar on this powerful 2-part video series.

Now, I’m WSO – special pricing this, and I’m not sure how long I’ll leave this price alone. In fact, I’ve been selling these to my clients as part of my $1000 – $2,000 training programs – and I reserve the right to take this offer down at any time.

So if you want these templates and you don’t want to pay $1000 – $2,000 to get them, just do it now:

Here’s what you need to do now:

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Mobile friendly access!
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