Safety In Numbers

When you need leads for your business (who doesn’t need leads?) it is better to listen to the people who are already sucking the leads into their funnels, than to listen to the people who sell products about lead generation (without having actually done it).

Leads are people who are interested enough about a particular topic or product that they are willing to give out their personal information (email address, name or phone number). In my Solavei™ business, I am always looking for new leads who are looking to save money on their cellular bill or make money as an affiliate of Solavei. I create web forms and landing pages and drive traffic to them. When a particular landing page does especially well, I try to figure out what worked in that campaign so that I can duplicate it.

Shield - You KnowTrial and error is a good way to learn (although quite time consuming), but I have also found that having a group of experts who already have winning campaigns look over yours will save you a lot of time. My friend Ross Goldberg has gathered together some of the top lead generating superstars on the planet (he is still negotiating with a few extraterrestrial superstars) in a group called The Lead Society!

Inside The Lead Society, you will get access to many tools and methods that Ross and his Expert Panel have successfully used to generate thousands of leads for their businesses. The most important part of this membership is the interaction you will have with some of the top marketers in the online/offline marketing business. Asking one question of these experts could save you thousands of dollars and hours of your time.

If you are in a business that requires new leads, you need to be a part of The Lead Society! It is probably the best investment you could make in your business. Join us now!

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