What Can I Do To Keep People From Stealing My Commissions?

Since I first started marketing online in 1993, a lot of tools were designed for marketers to use. I remember using Groupmail on my computer to send out emails to my list (this was the precursor to the autoresponder), and wondering how many people actually clicked on my links…

Then, with the advent of aweber, I began using the link tracking from my autoresponder, since each link I placed in my autoresponder messages was replaced with ugly tracking code. But that got old when aweber was going through growing pains. If their site went down, none of my links would work. I was getting emails from my readers, complaining that my links did not work.

But as I began working on blogs, I discovered a plugin that blows away the traditional link trackers and cloakers…


Not only does this protect my links using my choice of iframe or redirect (iframe cloaks a link to only show my link in the address bar, even though the page being displayed is on another website entirely – while redirect will send the person to the website, and the address bar will show the final destination of the link), but it also tracks number of clicks and where the clicks came from.

Want to see an example of a redirect? Here is http://wsoinsiders.com/go/ebs/ which points to http://www.warriorplus.com/w/a/wn65n in an indirect sort of way… I double stacked the redirect to phleg.com, a special redirect that allows a popup in front of the main page: http://phleg.com/redir.php?id=197 but once you close the popup, it takes you to the Warrior Special Offer.

Here is a cloaked link: http://crosb.com/go/kindle-cash-flow/

Notice how the URL stays the same? That keeps people from being able to easily hijack your link. And GoPages also includes Social Media buttons to help get you shared traffic!

So go ahead and grab JVPress GoPages while it is still so inexpensive! The extra commissions you will get will make up for the price of the software.


The Ultimate Link Cloaker For WordPress

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