That Sucks About Your Video On Your Blog…

If you have ever tried to get a video on your blog and
struggled to get it to look right…

…you know what the subject line means.

Most of the time the video is in the wrong spot, it shows
competing videos at the end and also shows the video
owner’s affiliate link at the end of the video!

Using other people’s videos are a great way to sell 
products on your blog. But you have to worry about
the video branding (intro and outro) for YouTube vids.

But Simple Video Pro solves 99% of video issues on
WordPress Blogs.

If you have one or more blogs that you sell affiliate
products on, Simple Video Pro is the plugin that your
blog is craving!

It allows you to place branded videos on your blog
and start and stop at points that YOU decide! So you
can have a video start at the point where they show
the product you are selling and stop before they give
their affiliate link!

You can even put an optin form or a buy now button 
in the beginning, middle or end of a video!

Grab this before they take it off the market!

Micheal & Yvonne

Short URL:
Mobile friendly access!
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