Email From Jeff Johnson About His NTF1.5

Wow, it has only been a couple of days since I opened up Nonstop
Traffic Formula 1.5 for the first time ever.

But after being open for only 48 hours it’s already time to close
the doors and stop accepting students.

I’m not talking about closing in a week or something like that.

Nope, we are closing down in a day or two, possibly sooner.

Nonstop Traffic FormulaSo I put together a new short version of the sales video for you
that should answer any questions you may still have.

It’s less than half as long as the first one.

Here’s the new short version of the video:


Jeff Johnson


And just in case you still have questions after watching the new
short version video…

Here’s what Nonstop Traffic Formula 1.5 is all about:

“Nonstop Traffic Formula 1.5 “is the newest version of my  best-
selling Traffic-Getting and List Building training program and
Private Membership Site.

I teach you how to get More Free Traffic from dozens of
different sources including Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter…
And then show  you how to turn that Traffic into Leads, and those
Leads into Money. 

Grab some Free Traffic and Free Leads for yourself:


Nonstop Traffic Formula 1.5 is a live training program delivered
inside a Private Membership
site that also includes live Coaching Calls and Training Webinars
plus a live support forum right inside the membership site where you
can ask me us for help any time you need it.

It offers an unprecedented level of live access to both me, and to
My staff of site builders, traffic-getters, product creators, list
builders and marketing guys.

So if you If you really want to learn exactly how to drive an insane
amount of Free Traffic to your websites and your offers, and then
Turn that Traffic into money…

Then you should definitely check out my new Nonstop Traffic Formula
1.5 training program…

We are closing in a day or two (possibly sooner) so please check out
the new short version of the sales video:


Here are the special bonuses you’ll receive when you join Nonstop
Traffic Formula 1.5 today:

Bonus #1:  “Double Your Membership” Bonus

You will get an entire year of access, 12 full months, to the
Nonstop Traffic Formula 1.5 Private Membership site and all the
training material inside it instead of the normal 6 months.

That’s double the amount of time at no additional cost to you.

So even after you initial training is wrapped up , you will have
another 6 months to take your time and go back and review the
training over and over again so you don’t feel rushed, and so you can
take your time in applying everything you learn in your business, and
at your own pace.

Value = $1,999.00

Bonus #2:   Nonstop Traffic Formula Training on DVD

At the end of the initial live training program I will burn every
single Video, PDF Action Plan, Cheat Sheet and MP3 to a DVD set and
ship those DVDs to your door so you’ll have access to the training
material wherever you want it, and whenever you want it..

I’ll even throw in Free Shipping!

Value = $997.00

Bonus #3: “Online Publishing Empire” Private Membership Site

You will also receive full and complete access to the Online
Publishing Empire Private Membership sit and all the training that’s
currently in there, just waiting for me.

It’s all about “How You Can Quickly And Easily Create A Multi-
Million Dollar Online Publishing Empire… Starting From Scratch…
In As Little As 6 Months… No Special Skills Required”.

A very real two $1,797.00 value and it’s all yours at no additional
cost as part of your NSTF 1.5 Membership when you join right now.

Value = $1,797.00

Bonus #4: “Buy One, Get One Free”

When you join Nonstop Traffic Formula 1.5 right now you are also
going to get a 3 month membership in my best selling Traffic Voodoo
2.0 Private Membership site with access to all that killer traffic-
getting and list building content… close to 300 training videos and
thousands of pages of written PDF files just waiting for you to dive
right in.

Over 1,500 people eagerly paid me $1,997.00 or more to join Traffic
Voodoo and they love it.

But not you, you will get it for free as part of your Nonstop
Traffic Formula 1.5 membership when you join today.

Value = $1,997.00


Your Total Special Bonus Package = $6,790.00!


You’ll get all of this and more when you join Nonstop Traffic
Formula 1.5 today.

But don’t forget… we are closing the doors to new students in a day
or two, possibly sooner.

So if you have any interest in at all in joining…

Please watch the new short version of the video:

(the “add to cart buttons” will also show up right away)


I offer a rock-solid, no questions asked 30 day refund period.
If you aren’t happy for any reason at all in your first 30 days, or
for no reason at all…

Just let me know and I’ll gladly refund every single penny of your
purchase price.

No hassles, no questions, nothing to ship back… you ask for a refund
and I give it to you.

It’s as easy as that.

You can get started today for just $399.00:

Short URL:
Mobile friendly access!
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