11-17-11 WSO Roundup–Bob Yeager Makes Waves

WSO Of The Day

Our pick for WSO Of The Day is Bob Yeager’s new offering: Content Multiplier!

This includes master resell rights to a proven traffic plan that
you can implement for any niche market for FREE and super
targeted web traffic.

I know this method works because I use it myself. It is very
easy to follow. Here is why I like this offer so much:
1) Proven Free Traffic Generation System
2) No Upsells or OTO
3) Master Resell Rights Included
4) Amazing Bonus
5) Unbelievable Price

Just hand this report to your virtual assistant and have them go
to town as it is very well explained. If you are someone that is
running out of things to have your outsourcers do then hand them
this report!


New Warrior Special Offers

Interactive Business Card

The interactive Business Card System takes away the need for multiple QR Codes on your clients marketing materials and simply replacing them with one.
The user scans the QR Code and is taken to a page that will allow them to perform the various actions possible all from a single scan with there phone.
The script allows the users who have scanned the code to:
• Visit their Mobile Website…
•The ability to call the business at a touch of a button
•As well as like their business Facebook page all from simply scanning one QR Code.
All without clogging up there marketing materials with a dozen different QR Codes.
It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s also optimized to be fully compliant with all mobile phones.


Private Label Rights Videos – Volume 1


Just one of the 8 courses is described in detail below:


Video Titles
Video #1: Install WordPress® Manually
In this video I’ll walk you through the steps of installing WordPress® manually on to your server.
Video #2: Install WordPress® Using Fantastico™
In this video I’ll walk you through the steps of installing WordPress® using Fantastico™
Video #3: Overview of The Admin Area
In this video I’ll briefly explain on the general overview of the admin area.
Video #4: Themes
In this video I’ll walk you through working with the themes.
Video #5: Replace Header
In this video I’ll show you how to replace the default header of the theme to your own one.
Video #6: Theme Editor
In this video I’ll briefly explain on how to work with the theme editor.
Video #7: Plugins
In this video I’ll show you on how to work with plugins, including the addition of two sample plugins.
Video #8: Widgets
In this video I’ll show you on how to work with widgets.
Video #9: Permalinks
In this video I’ll show you on how to change your permalinks to make your blog more search-engine friendly.
Video #10: Posts, Pages & Categories
In this video I’ll walk you through on how to deal with the posts, pages and categories.
Here’s What You’ll Receive:
* Source File In AVI & Flash (SWF) Format – you get both the complete Flash (SWF) and editable source (AVI) file to this product.
* Professional Sales Letter & Website Files to this product.
* Beautifully Designed Video E-Cover
With the Non-Transferable Private Label Rights, Master Resale Rights & Customization (Branding) Rights to this product, you can:
* Brand (customize) this video series in the original AVI format with your own name, website URL and affiliate links & sell it with Full Master Resale Rights at $17.00 per pop!
* Edit the source videos using your favorite video converter software (e.g: Camtasia!) and re-compile them into your own product under your own name!

Imagine what you could do with this package!

Get it at this crazy WSO Price!


Instant Offline Graphics


Get Offline Clients Faster and Dominate the Offline Market Instantly!


LinkJuiceForce – [Video Reveals] The Secret On SEO Backlink Networks… 

Watch this and then purchase using my link below!




WP Business Bundle V2: 3 Premium Themes  –

  • 3 Premium WP Themes
  • Multi site License
  • 2 Bonuses

Here is a sample of what you’ll get for less than the price of a single PREMIUM Theme!


Grab these themes now for a significantly lower price than you would expect…

Click here to see what I mean:



Hidden Traffic Loophole by Alex Jeffreys

Take Advantage of this offer by Alex Jeffreys Right Now If:

You Want Cash-In-Hand Customer Traffic For FREE
You’re Fed Up Of Buying The Same Rehashed Information About Traffic
You Want To Make More Money Without Much Work
You Want To Get Floods Of Visitors With Zero Risk
And You Want All This And More With Ease




The Beginners Guide to Creating a Website Business

Especially Created For  New Comers to Internet Marketing.

Finding it impossible to make money online?
Are you putting the hours in and getting nowhere?
Can’t get traffic? Can’t make a sale?
Not sure about keyword research, Can’t get your head round SEO…

Watch this and purchase using the link below!


This WSO "The Beginners Guide to Creating a Website Business" is designed using a step by step process, from hosting, website build using WordPress, to the end product which includes getting YOUR website ranking very well in the search engines driving organic traffic to your site and product.

Once you get the hang of it you could even sell your sites and make money!

There is a wealth of information waiting for you in:

“The Beginners Guide to Creating a Website Business”

Written from Start to Finish with NEWBIES in Mind

Designed Step-by-Step and takes you by the hand.


White Hat Backlinks



Hard Wire Your Brain For Success

"What’s the one thing every Internet Marketer
who wants to make it big online
needs to have in their arsenal, yet 99 out
of 100 never discover they need it?"

The answer to your Internet Marketing
success may be closer than you think…

No, it’s not another autoresponder, PLR pack,
traffic generating script or Facebook how-to product.

It’s Taking Control Over Your Life…. From The Inside.



WP Survey Funnel –

Here is a review of the Survey Funnel





And more WSO’s are coming out as I am finishing up this post!

Short URL: http://su.pr/1U2IBk
Mobile friendly access!
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