Sneaky Marketing Trick!

I’ve just learned a sneaky trick that allows you to
create and build an UNLIMITED number of websites so you
can dominate multiple markets at once (either as an
affiliate, or selling your own product.)

Normally, you’d need to pay hosting, design costs,
programming and more to get this many sites online.
But using this little-known ‘trick’… you could build
a brand new site in 15 minutes and rinse and repeat,
over and over again… to target hundreds of different

How much money you could make with this, is up to you.
And the best part is? You’ll never pay a penny extra
for hosting… bandwidth… video players… designers…
coding… membership scripts… plug-ins… or anything
like that.

Here’s why:

For a limited time, people I’m referring are taking a test
drive of AutoBuildIt and getting a special upgrade that
allows them to host an UNLIMITED # of websites…
at no extra cost!

Normally, you’d be limited to 5 sites.  And if you visit
the site in a few days time and try to order, that’s
exactly what you’ll be offered.

However, for the next few days, you can LOCK IN a limitless
# of sites for the entire life of your account.  Even if
you have hundreds or even thousands of individual sites–
you’ll never pay a penny more in hosting, storage, bandwidth,
or anything else.

Think about it.  Even hosting plans have terms and
conditions that prevent your account from every being truly
‘unlimited’.  Not so here.  You can get a million hits over
the network of your site, and you’ll never pay more than
one low-cost fee for them ALL.

Not only that, but you also can build an UNLIMITED number
of pages on each site – making it great for full-blown
authority sites, mini-sites, content blogs, or any other type
of site you want to use to dominate any market.

Every account comes with free, unlimited usage of the
Internet marketing toolkit that cost over $250,000 to put
together… which allows you to churn out professional
squeeze pages, video opt-ins, delayed ‘buy it now’ buttons,
sales pages, surveys, blogs, membership sites and more…
in just MINUTES.  It’s super easy, even if you have no
existing technical experience of any kind.

Just point and click.  Nothing to download or install–
it’s all available and accessible 24/7 via your browser.
PLUS… every account comes with an UNLIMITED number of
membership software licenses (worth $179.95 for *every*
site – this is the best software available on the market,
but we’re contractually obligated not to reveal its name
in our marketing — visit the link below to find out
exactly what it is) AND an unbranded and totally
customizable copy of Flowplayer for unlimited video
hosting of any off-site video (worth $95 extra per site).

If you hosted even just 10 sites… you’re
saving thousands of dollars per year before you even
get started.

Visit the link below for more info… and be sure to watch
the videos to see what amazing features the world’s most
powerful Internet marketing web building toolkit can do
for you and your business:

What’s the catch?  There are is none, except that you’ve
got to be quick before this offer is pulled.  The team
at AutoBuildIt have allotted $10,000 in new servers for
clients who take this offer and they keep a VERY tight eye on
resources to ensure every site you build is lightning
fast… once all places are filled, the offer reverts back
to a maximum of 5 websites.


All the best,

Micheal Savoie

P.S — The ‘unlimited’ package has, until now, only
been available to those who sent a special request to
our support team.  The ‘off the books’ pricing for this
was $497/site… you’ll pay a FRACTION of that by locking
in your account now and choosing the ‘Mogul’ package at
the link below:

Short URL:
Mobile friendly access!
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