Webinars Can Give You Competitive Edge

This holiday weekend is a good example of the type of
people who are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

Some are couch surfing, drinking beer and taking time
off. Those are the people who have to get away from
the 9 to 5 routine. Escape comes in many forms.

Those of us who own our own businesses understand
that it is no accident that we are where we are. We
worked when it was not convenient to work, on days
when other people took time off.

Now, we can take time off on our terms.

But in this economy, you can’t take a very long break.

Your competition is already figuring out where your
weaknesses are. Unless you are the only game in town,
you have competition. You have them breathing down
your neck. Or, you are breathing down their neck.

So if you can have a competitive advantage in your
market, you can afford to take a breather. I want to
help you develop that competitive advantage.

How can you find this advantage?

One way is by offering more than your competition,
without raising your price. I like this way, but you
have to be able to add value without taking on
extra costs.

Let’s look at the way you sell your products.

If you are a completely online business, you may
have a landing page where you ethically bribe your
prospects into adding their email address to your
email list by delivering an incredible value to them.

After they opt in to your list, you may tell them
about your product or service in an email, and
then have them see a sales page or a sales video
for your product or service.

The next step is to see if they purchased. If yes,
you continue to provide them excellent service
and meet as many of their needs as you can.

But if they have not purchased, you should work
on overcoming as many of their objections as
possible over a 2 to 3 week period using emails
to educate them on why your product is right for

You have to make sure that you show them how
it will help them. 

How do you improve a process like that?

1. Use webinars to educate prospects and
address their objections before they have
a chance to have them.

2. Use webinars to teach customers how to
best use your product or service.

3. Use webinars with guest experts to add value
to their purchase by teaching them new ways to
use your product or service.

Common theme?

Webinars can also help you take people from
prospects to buyers, because you are showing
them you are a real person who is not hiding
behind an actor or persona.

The best way to use webinars is to address
questions that they may have and incorporate
those into your future presentations.

You should do a lot of live webinars in the
early stages of your business. That way you
are building your rapport with your market
and getting to know them.

But at some point, your webinars can be recorded
and used to automate segments of your sales
process. This can be the education process, the
sales process or the follow up process.

It is really up to you.

What tools do I use for this?

I use GVOConference for my webinars.


You can’t beat the price, and the platform is
almost bulletproof. It gets used by so many
millionaires on a daily basis for all aspects of
their business, that they are constantly getting
feedback on what to add to it to make it

The other tool I use is Automated Webinar
Software to play my recorded webinars as
though they were live.


This software is platform independent and it
allows you to set it all up on your own domain
to make it look as professional as possible.

Finally, the other tool I use is a graphics
package to make my presentations look amazing!


Your presentations are the most important
part of your webinars… you want to make them
look as good as possible.

Don’t know how to do a very good webinar

My friend Mark Call, who makes a killing
every week doing live webinars, does a complete
training course on how to do webinars and
actually make money with them. It is called,
Webcast Strategies, and you can watch all of
the training videos from the comfort of your
computer while improving your own webinars
to help you profit more than your competitors!


Disclaimer: I may earn commissions on all of the
products listed in this post if you buy them from
my link. I may also give you a bonus if you
purchase some of them before a specific date.

Evergreen Business System Bonus

Purchase Evergreen Business System before
Spetember 7 and I will give you:

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2) One year of one on one coaching via skype.

Each week we will meet for one hour to discuss
your business, tweak your presentations, your
sales process and anything else you need to
improve your business.


So hurry and watch the video on the page below
and see how a webinar automation system can
help your business do more than your competition’s
business. (They may already be watching this video)


Short URL: http://su.pr/1GvgkY
Mobile friendly access!
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