3 Things Aggressive Affiliates Do That Most Marketers Do NOT Do!

Super affiliates are a special breed. They play around during the hours that most people are slaving away at their jobs and make money without lifting a finger.

If that is your interpretation of a Super Affiliate, you are among the 97% who think so, and you would be dead wrong.

Super affiliates are special, because they put forth effort, sometimes so much effort that most people would be willing to give up and find a job flipping burgers. They build a business that is going to make them money when they are no longer working. One of my friends told me that “Internet Marketing is the only business where you work 20 hours a day so you can make money while you sleep!”

What are Super Affiliates doing?

Super affiliates research niches. Not only do they research niches that will make them money now, but they are looking for niches for next week, next month and even next year. If you look at their planner (they use planners, they use white boards and they even have virtual assistants to help them stay focused…), you will see that they always have niches brewing for upcoming campaigns.

Super affiliates take action! When you see a Super Affiliate working on something, they are going full bore on that project. They focus on a single task and get it done. They make a decision on what they want to accomplish and then they pounce on that until it is a check mark in the completed column!

Super Affiliates build relationships… Relationships with other marketers, product owners and their lists. If you build a list and burn through them with promo after promo, you will have to start over every week. You have to find product owners who have the products your list needs and wants. You do joint ventures with them, and maybe even help each other with projects.

“I Do That… Why Am I Not A Super Affiliate?”

The difference is not in those three things alone, but in HOW MUCH of those three things you do. If you research one niche on Monday, build your niche site on Tuesday and start driving traffic to it on Wednesday through Sunday and wait for your paycheck, you will be living on Ramen Noodles and water.

Volume! Do these things in enough quantity to build sustainable incomes in more than one niche with more than one site in each niche. You can’t expect to hit a home run with each site you create and just wait for it to pay off. You should expect each site to be a home run, but build 10 other sites that you also expect to be a home run each week.

You will be tired, you will miss out on a lot of sleep. And you will start to see some results. Leverage the successes by building additional sites for a particular niche and cross promote. If you create one site and it flops, test a few changes and see if that doesn’t improve your results, but do not invest too much time on flops, go for the ones that show you some money… those will keep you in cash, and a few tweaks may increase your cash flow.

Outsource when you can afford it. Keep your successes close to the vest. And work hard now, so you can take the time off when you want!

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