Message From Mike Filsaime About Aggressive Evergreen Business System!

Here is a message from Mike Filsaime about his Evergreen Business System Launch today!


I just released a new software platform today.

And even though it is NOT "coming off the market" in the next 24 hours…

And even though the price is NOT going to "Double" after some arbitrary number of units are sold, you WILL want to buy today and I will explain why very soon.

But first let me tell you about this product. I developed it in late November of last year and I have made myself over 2.7 Million with it.

But what is more interesting is I have made an average of $300,000 per month with this. But even more interesting than that, is everyday since November 3rd, I have made an average of $10,000 per day, every day and I will continue to do so.

As well as getting several hundred Optin Members a day.

But this was NOT on Auto-Pilot. (There is no such thing.)

But it is with an EVERGREEN Business System that I developed.

Evergreen = Means GREEN leaves all year.

Not seasonal.

An Evergreen Business means it makes money every day of every week of every month of every year.

You see, many times "Gurus" ** MYSELF INCLUDED ** brag about income they make on a "Product Launch" and then would host those figures at the end of the year and claim their "business" made $XX per year

Don’t get me wrong, launches are awesome and I will continue to do them.

What better way (like now) to introduce a new product to the market?

But, Launches should supplement a business and not be your business. Now I will get to my new KILLER APP software in a minute.

OH… No it is NOT $1997

Not $1497

Not $997

In fact, there are no monthly fees and NO continuity programs to join.

That’s right what others charge $1000 per year or MORE for, I am giving you lifetime access for just:

>> $497.00 ONE TIME
(or you get access or $297 x 2)

So now that the cat is out of the bag. I want to tell you about THE SOFTWARE in just a moment (plus why to buy today,) but first let me tell you why this is called the "Evergreen Business SYSTEM"

It is a system because we not only provide you with the SOFTWARE, but also with the insight and training.

There is no other person that has made more with webinar’s in the world than I have that has the software and training. Period!

FACT: Top marketers have paid me $10,000 for access to this software before I made it public because they needed it "NOW" and needed my team to install it for them.

(They knew it would make them Millions and they did not want to wait.)

And now I am making it available and I priced it to sell for years to come to any marketer that wants to have a REAL evergreen business for years to come.

I have shown on stage and in trainings why "webinars" are the best way to sell ANYTHING online that your market does not know they need but can really help them and you use the webinar to show them why they need it.

Heck, all of the GURU’s are doing it now.

Don’t you wonder why?

Eh-hem… Because they work better than anything.

Have you been invited to any lately?

Attend Any.

(Purchased on one.)

Of course.

You are smart enough. I don’t need to tell you what you already know. Webinars WORK. They are not easy to do every day 3 x a week.

So many marketers are now automating the process to make it evergreen. And then all you need to do is get the traffic.

And not just from JV Partners, but I mean every where.

Almost every type of traffic we tested made us money.

(Heck we even did Radio.)

And since you can get people to listen to you for 1 hour to 90 minutes, they are more likely to spend $497 or more for your great products.

FACT: The most popular question I got for the last 6 months in my inbox was: "Dude.. What software do you use? None of them out there can do what I see you doing?

I told them all.

Wait until August and you can have it for your business.

URGENT NOTE: I am NOT saying you will make $300,000 a month Like I am.

But I will Guarantee that "If you are selling products online or selling as an AFFILIATE you can make more money every day with this software and this system"

I have seen TOO MANY people I shared this with make so much money they should pay me royalties.

(They don’t have to and neither do you.)

In fact, one of my friends just did this in the DIET INDUSTRY for his supplements business.

In January of 2006, (if I may speak frankly) I changed the way marketing was done online for years when I released Butterfly Marketing.

Then, like now, I taught virtually unheard of concepts and offered the software I use in MY BUSINESS to make millions and so many people got access to that product that we saw more success pop out of marketing than ever before.

Many GURU’s today made their first dollars with Butterfly Sites.

Today many of those concepts like the "OTO" (yes the OTO) were first made popular in that course as well as upsells and downsells that now you see marketing today all came from that. (I did not invent the concept, I did what I do best, I create software to work with concepts.)

And FINALLY TODAY, the same is about to happen.

TODAY the marketing world will change.

Because I have created the BEST COURSE with the BEST SOFTWARE and the BEST PRICE on the market and you will see the way you do business will be better than it ever was.

I predict – Those that get access today will see more success

Those that do not use this system, will not see the same success as their competitors who do use it.

Our software does more than any other product on the market. We even compare them for you at the site



Well, if making MORE tomorrow is not good enough, then here is more for you.

NORMALLY We offer 1 year support… then $49 each year

We offer 1 year upgrades… then $97 each year

If you buy today, we will give you:

Yeah. No hype.

Just another "real" value.

The site will show you more about the software

>>> Get access today and get lifetime upgrade and support

Don’t wait.

You can start using this now.

Even as an affiliate you can use this software

See why we made this the most affordable solution and best value for the best product on the market today.


Mike Filsaime

PS – You can even get started for just $297 today but make sure to act now for lifetime upgrades.

And then there is my bonus…

I am offering personal coaching to anyone who buys
the Evergreen Business Systems from my link here in
the next 72 hours. The first 7 will get 1 year of coaching,
where we will go over your webinars, help you fine
tune them and then set them up in the EBS platform.

We will work together once a week on skype for an
hour and get you making money from your webinars.
Then next 10 will get 9 months, the next 20 will get 6
months and finally everyone else will get 3 months of

So you will have to hurry. The cart opens at noon,
August 2nd (for the early bird subscribers) and at 1PM
for everyone else. If you want to be one of the first 5
who get my one year coaching, you will want to sign up
to be on this list! You can sign up now:

See you on skype,

Micheal Savoie

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