Your Message Is Lost

If you can’t get people to listen to you, you are not going to get the sales.

Grab them by the eyeballs!

Then wow them with your content! But you need their attention. So how can you get that?

Research your topic. (I lose a lot of people at this point – “Micheal, you aren’t going to tell me to research keywords again, are you?”) You may know your topic inside and out, but do you know where the elusive buyers are hiding? This is important. If you know where they buyers are, why haven’t you grabbed them by the eyeballs, ears or whatever sense you can use to get them listening to you?

I was on a webinar today and a lady complained that she hadn’t made a dime yet promoting her product… (Her first mistake is to focus on the negative results – she should be looking at how much she wants to make and then tailoring her approach to attract the buyers) Buyers are not going to be attracted by whiners, doubters and complainers.

Whine and doubt take you out!

The very negative energies of whining and complaining are going to attract other whiners and complainers to you. Now if the product you are selling is a miracle cure for whining and complaining, then you have a perfect audience. But most of the time, the product is not designed to cure whining and doubt… in fact, the only way to sell a product is to instill belief into the person who will eventually purchase the product.

So if you engage in the practice of complaining and whining it means you have doubt and you cannot instill a belief that you yourself do not possess! So before you can jump in front of your audience, you really need to decide that you are really 100% into your product. Using it is a good way to do make that happen.

So your product research should be to buy the product yourself, and go through the process. Is the process easy to go through? Are the support people helpful and responsive if you do have a problem? Affiliates are often given comp copies of products, and they barely look it over before telling people about it. The affiliate who cares about his list will take the time to really go over the product and give it a thorough review – the good, the bad and the ugly… that way, you are being honest, and the honesty actually shows.

Using Webinars to do reviews is a cool way to let people see what you really believe. They can hear it in your voice, and the can feel the excitement (or lack thereof) as you describe the benefits and the reasons for using the product. You should definitely know why someone would want the product – the problem that it solves. If there are more problems that the same product solves, let them know!

If you can show people the product in your hand, that goes a lot further than just a graphic. Especially when you can show how much you know about the features and how useful they are for solving the problems your audience are already having. You can get people to your webinars more easily if you are looking for people with the problems that the product is going to solve.

Need to get to know your audience? Can’t afford the high priced webinar platforms? Webcast Strategies will show you how to solve these problems and more!

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