Who Can You Trust In Internet Marketing?

If you have been watching the Internet Marketing Community, you know how disgusted many marketers have become over the scams, scammers and outright liars that have been preying upon the hopes and dreams buy Niagara Falls cheap online of people who just want to make a better life for themselves. 32 page salesletters used to be the norm, and a person had to work to earn the trust of their customers using words, images and testimonials. As these tactics were taught in training courses that came Brand Viagra out in 2006 through 2009, something very insidious happened. People with less than perfect ethics purchased these training courses and used many of these very powerful tactics for unethical reasons.

In fact, over the last 2 years, a growing number of product launches followed a very disturbing trend. Affiliate A asks the rest of the marketing community to help him launch his new product sight unseen. Many times, the product is still under development during the prelaunch, but because Affiliate A has so many friends, he gets a dozen of them to submit testimonials to a product that they have never seen. (I know this, because I have been offered testimonials from people who didn’t even want to see my levitra drugs product, and I never used those testimonials…)

Next, Affiliate A gets sanofi acomplia screen shots from his product acomplia account from a previous launch, one that shows how he made $23,429.73 a week, then a screen shot of his Paypal after receiving a few hundred thousand from previous launches (or maybe even some of his friends “loaned” him the money for the dramatic screen shots) and places them on the sales page. This “proof” makes it seem like Affiliate A is impeccable, and his product is the miracle that the sales page says it is – even though the sales page does not actually tell us what “it” is.

Once all of Affiliate A’s friends email for him for his prelaunch, then his launch, the list that is gained from this launch is then prepared for Affiliate B’s launch by some subtle hints that Affiliate B’s product fills in the blanks in Affiliate A’s product. Affiliate A then becomes Affiliate B’s top affiliate, wins lots of cool JV prizes, and then gets ready to compete with Affiliate B on Affiliate C’s launch.

This feeding frenzy of list cross pollination makes it more likely that the tactics taught in Affiliate A, Affiliate B and Affiliate C’s products will stop working, simply because hundreds of thousands of people are using them to flood the IM world with very similar ads.

The most recent launches have included video sales letters that stretch the believability limit to irreparable proportions. Hookers, strippers and secret metronidazole online agents (all actors, by the way) are depicted finding the answer, and revealing it to only a select few (hundred thousand) people for a cheap $37 (with $197 and $497 upsells) that guarantee the buyer similar results to what the hooker, stripper and secret agent received.

So who can you believe?

I fell victim to a few of these launches. I blindly mailed out for people who promised to mail out for me if I did. I would ask for a review copy of the product, but it would not arrive in time for the prelaunch, and I had to decide whether I should mail on it, or wait.

After receiving a few complaints from members of my newsletter, I began to see that unless I purchased the product myself, I would not be able to know what experience I was putting my subscribers through. This was getting Buy Amoxil expensive, namely because I would buy the product, decide it was crap, and then not mail on it.

When you don’t mail for buy levitra online launches, you don’t make any commissions.

So my cashflow was really negative. I began to see why so many marketers just up and quit selling IM products.

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I had begun to do the same thing, and I only sold the products that I believed in. Those that I had tried and found to at least do what the sales letter said it would do. But what if we could have a way to figure out who to trust? And find out BEFORE brand Niagara Falls any hard earned money was transacted.

Enter IM Trustworthy!

My friend (he is cheap zithromax really a friend, I met him in person on a few occasions – including attending a massive party we threw in Orlando at JVAlert Live this year) Omar Martin felt very strongly about the lack of a self policing organization for Internet Marketers. He did something about it.


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He created a community that allows people buy online diflucan to grade their experience with marketers they have done business with. This allows people to see first hand who rates and who doesn’t in the Internet Marketing Community.

moneygram lasix to buy vegas 0px; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-left-width: 0px; padding-top: 0px” title=”IMTrustworthy” border=”0″ alt=”IMTrustworthy” align=”right” src=”http://aggressive-affiliates.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/IMTrustworthy.jpg” width=”244″ height=”151″ />IM Trustworthy is a membership site that allows you to place a seal (or certificate) on your website, so that people can go check you out before making a purchase. And while they have paid memberships, they also are adamant that these paid memberships do not automatically buy you a better grade. A grade must be earned.

Watch the video and see what I mean!

Get your free account now and become a certified member of our community. Don’t let people ask you why you aren’t a member!


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