Stealth Profit Machines Going Underground?

It is rare when a software tool makes me take notice…

I saw an ad telling me that 300 Beta Testers were needed for a program that promised to make it possible to make stealth sales of clickbank products – almost on autopilot.

I signed up, because I am naturally skeptical about how useful these types of products really are.

For $37, I downloaded the software and started watching the videos. Good content.

I was very impressed with generic levitra the quality of the videos, and the quantity of them as well. In fact, the download page is loaded with good stuff. Then I started using the software, and that really cemented it for me.

The program creates WordPress Blogs for you. As long as you have a cPanel hosting account and a domain name, you can create a blog with this software. But that is not as cool as the content gathering engine. This program will use your keywords to locate 25 articles at a time (if you click on Gather Cheap Amoxil More Articles, you can get 25 more each time). I usually accumulate 200 articles before telling the software to post them so that I can have at least 3 to 6 months worth of content for that keyword… then I Kamagra Gold start with another generic zithromax keyword. The other cool setting on this program is the number of posts per day that is lets you buy diflucan choose. You can set a lower limit and an upper limit, so you can have 1 to 8 posts per day or 4 to 6 posts per day. Your choice. My setting varies by blog, especially if a blog is going to be very targeted Kamagra Gold to one keyword, then I will do more posts per day for that keyword.

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So if you need a way to create automated blogs quickly (less than 30 minutes start to finish), this will do it for you. The monetization is designed for Clickbank, but you can set it up for any affiliate link that does Kamagra Gold not need HTML code for it. I would suggest to Chris that in a subsequent update, he include the ability to add HTML links to the plugin (for Commission Junction, Linkshare and Amazon for starters). But you can use RAP products where can i buy cialis the diet pills as well, so that you can get paid instantly whenever someone buys.

So you should definitely look at Stealth Profit Machines a couple times before deciding, buy lasix because $37 is a drop in the bucket when you think about how much work it is going flagyl generic to save you. Just the content accumulation saves me a LOT of article writing time, and if you combine it with the ease of setting up your blogs… levitra cheap acomplia buy this is a real tool you can use daily!

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Here is the link to grab it now while the price is so low:

Short URL:
Mobile friendly access!
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