Stealth Profit Machines Reviewed

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I was very curious after reading the sales page for levitra online Machines” href=”” target=”_blank”>Stealth Profit Machines, because I figured it had all been done before…

I had recently purchased Paul Ponna’s AutoBlog Samurai and I was pretty happy with it, I had already started setting up some cheapest levitra sites and my commissions were beginning to show a rise. I know that usually you have to spend quite a bit of time getting sites set up – usually – but this tool was allowing me to get content and income streams set up way too fast. Something had to go wrong…lol.

Of course, sales pages are designed to make you curious. diflucan generic Kamagra Soft Buy Amoxil Especially when they don’t tell you anything about what the product actually does, except make you money. Chris Freville has not let me down in the past, so I took a chance on his product. It was only $37, and it had a 60 day satisfaction guarantee from Clickbank. So I went ahead and made the purchase. The video above reveals the download area and what all you get with this product.

If you decide to purchase from my link above, I will give you 50,000 traffic credits to Serve URLs Fast Traffic. This will allow you to get some additional traffic to any of your blogs after you start setting them up.

One thing I will tell you, though, is that Stealth Profit Machines does not set up your blogs as securely as you can do it by yourself, but I do like the fact that it allows you to specify the username and password for your admin account. Since you don’t have to use admin, that does help make your username and password a little harder to figure out by a potential hacker.

What absolutely tickles me about SPM, however, is the content module! You can get 25 articles Kamagra Soft at a time and if you want more, simply hit the button for more articles. I was hitting it 4 times to get 100 articles to add to my blog, so that I now have content until December buy cheap Niagara Falls and January on two of the blogs I created last night.

If you combine SPM and AutoBlog Samurai, you can double the content AND get even more income streams on each blog! I was definitely impressed with the way these two programs worked together. If the content engine on AutoBlog Samurai was as powerful as Stealth Profit Machines, you would not need SPM. But for now, you will get much more high quality content from SPM than ABS…

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So my opinion on this matter is that you really want BOTH of these programs to really be effective. The fact that you can create blogs and prepopulate your content on them using one software program is great. It is worth at least the $37 that SPM is asking for. But adding the secondary income streams and additional content with Kamagra Soft AutoBlog Samurai is very useful.

Both of these programs are very similar, but they diverge in their strengths, with ABS having the income streams automation firmly under control. You can get it here for $77 if you act fast:

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If you have need for more Clickbank style niche sites, the Stealth Profit Machines plugin is going to be very useful for monetizing weight loss acomplia your blogs. It hunts down phentermine the keywords you specify in your articles and it creates redirects for your affiliate links. The only drawback, it has to be a single link. Which leaves out all Commission Junction, Linkshare, Amazon and ebay links.  But like I said, if you are peddling Clickbank buy Niagara Falls pill products, this is perfect!

So hopefully you will find yourself a happy medium with either Stealth Profit Machines or AutoBlog Samurai. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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