Aggressively Using Video For Affiliate Sales

If video is the new traffic and sales conversion King…do you know how YOU are going to sell products with video?

And it seems today more than EVER affiliates are raising the bar…

This short video shows you how my friend Jeff is killing it right now with easy to make videos.

Click the link below right now:

This new method takes about 10 minutes westernunion kentucky to create professional videos, makes generating traffic and sales a breeze, and converts up to 300% better than outdated conversion techniques. levitra drugs

Here is how it works

Click the link below right now:

There is ONE super secret niche that’s revealed that pulls in a WHOPPING $500 per video sale…

There’s no opt-in. This is a 100% free video and if you pay attention it will change the way you think about affiliate the diet pills marketing forever.

Click the link below right now to watch this 100% free video:


Mission Trip To Belize Means They Are Selling Their 6 Figure Software Business For “Donations”

A couple of my friends in the Internet marketing order diflucan world, Eric Holmlund and Micah Stover, are taking a mission trip to Belize. They decided to do something crazy for their fundraiser:

I have to say, I think this beats the old church bake sale approach! I mean, they’re handing you the keys to their $250k software business. That’s my kind of fundraiser.

It’s a great way to help your own business, while helping others at the same time.

I encourage you to see this and grab your copy today:

weight loss acomplia title=”” href=””>

The above page is going to be taken OFFLINE by Saturday, May 1st, 2010 (or sooner), so be sure to check it out right away!

What they are practically cialis discount giving away in order to raise money for this mission trip, is the complete Cialis generic business that they put together for Easy Button Marketer. This tool is called Macro Marketer, and it allows anyone running a Windows Computer (XP, Vista and Windows 7) to automate almost anything that requires repetitive mouse clicks or keystrokes. You just train it, and then save the macro it has just recorded. When you are ready to do that task again, you run that macro.

You can see what all comes with the business at

Push a button? Can it REALLY be this easy!?

Here is a few of the things that Easy Button Marketer will buy Niagara Falls cheap online do for you:

-Handling email
-Writing content
-Building websites
-Checking stats
-Running backups
-and so much more!

Imagine being able to push one button and then sitting back and watching your computer do the work for you.

Did Someone cheap zithromax Say, Bonus?

Sounds like an amazing product, right? And if you purchase this week, you Niagara Falls soft will get PLR rights to the whole business, so you can name it what you want and sell it to keep 100% of the profits.

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Get your own video like this to promote all over the web!

I am giving, as a bonus, a Music Buzz Video to submit all over the web with your own Easy Button Marketer link to send people to. Getting traffic with videos to submit using Easy Desktop Traffic or is a great way to make sales lasix to buy of your new product!

To Claim Your Push Button Marketer Bonus

All you have to do is open up a ticket at my help desk and give me the receipt email you received from your purchase along with your domain where you will be selling the product and I will customize a video for you!


Crowd Mountain Videos Are Unreal In Value And Content

Michelle MacPhearson has released her fourth and final Crowd Mountain video – watch it here:

She’s put out an incredible series of videos and free software downloads over the last week, and as such, folks are nearly banging down her door to get inside Crowd Mountain.


This video explains it all:

Secret Perversion?

She also reveals a "secret perversion" in that video….

I don’t know how long this will be available when it opens on Monday – but you can register
for an "Early Bird" link here too:

Free Software Galore!

Michelle gave away a rank decoder software product earlier last week and just a couple days ago she gave away a buy Niagara Falls pill target=”_blank”>software creator for Mac and PC! This is amazing to be giving this much value!


See You On Main Street?

Mike Koenigs did a LIVE experiment with Google.Using his system (You’ve heard about Main Street Marketing Machines, right?) he did a real-time Search Engine ranking test Buy Amoxil that snagged him 4 page ONE results in Google in just 48 hours.

He got the first result in 10 hours.

It’s a free Video – no opt-in or anything:

By the way, Mike has just made his entire Main Street Marketing Machine Free Video Series (All 5 Videos) Available to the public – no opt-in.

There’s a ton of great, MEATY content here that you should watch.

Take advantage of this content before he pulls it down.

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Mobile friendly access!
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