History Is Being Made In Hosting

Today is one of those historical days, when opportunity and preparedness will meet, and success will be achieved by hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. People who have been looking for a chance to make it are going to open their eyes and see the thing that they have been looking for right before their eyes and the magic will happen!

WhatChoo Talking About, Micheal?
Today, Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) launches into full force. A three year wait is over and the concept that Joel Therien and Mike “Mikey P” Potvin envisioned 12 years ago is a reality. Their hosting company is finally ready to go live.

They have been open for business for over 12 years, but in the last 3 years, Joel and Mike cheap levitra buy had decided to move their operations into the center of the bandwidth jungle and they carved out a great location on the top of the fiber optic mecca of the world! Now that their data center is built, their servers are set up with truckloads of new servers coming every week, software is in place and the people are chomping at the bit to be able to promote this program like no other affiliate program in the world.

Affiliate Program Or MLM?
3 months ago, if you would have told me I was going to be at the top of a multithousand member MLM program, I would have laughed at you! I had decided where can i buy cialis that I did not want to look at another MLM again in my life, because all of them caused the price of a product to be overinflated and only catered to the heavy hitters… I mean it is bad enough I am getting 4 bags of Jerky each month for $25 and I did not want to buy some juice that tasted like vinegar that I would have to drink one ounce of everyday or face having a garage full by year’s end!

But when Todd Gross happened to ask me one evening when I just randomly asked him how he had two gmail emails open at the same time on gtalk, “have you heard anything about GVO?” I hadn’t heard about it… I had heard of Kiosk before that, but the new GVO persona it was taking on was still new to me.

Todd explained the affiliate program for GVO and I where to buy metronidazole liked the idea of getting paid continuously for hosting referrals instead of getting $50 from the hostgator referrals I had been sending and letting hostgator make their money on the rest of the life of that account… So I went to a secret teleseminar where Joel explained his plans for the next 3 or four months. Todd told us that he would be emailing us the info when he was going to get the signup links from Joel.

A few days later, I got an email from Todd, it had the signup link in it and I clicked on that link and paid my dollar. And it has changed my life! First of all, I was in Todd’s front line. Second of all, some of the best of the best (guys with lists of buyers bigger than my list of prospects) were funneling into my downline. People like Keith Carberry, Ken Reno, Derrick Van Dyke, Bernie Dorman, Ewen Chia, Stephanie Mulac, Guido Nussbaum, Odinn Sorenson, John Delavera, Tim Carter, Cheap Female Viagra Heri Rosyadi, Mark Lareau, Brian Edmundson diflucan buy and a host of others. Over 3000 people are in my downline. It stretches over 32 levels deep and it is growing so fast, I can’t keep up with it.

But the cool part about this system is that I can add what is called a profit center in a leg that may be too far in depth for me to make any money off of and then I can promote into that leg and get paid for it. This is definitely a great way to make a living, as I help the people that show me that they are ready to build a business.
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Business Not Income
Remember that like anything else, GVO is a great buy levitra way to set up a business, because they are first and foremost a hosting company. You get (especially if you take advantage of their one time offer) a LOT of hosting for much less than anyone else is charging for reseller hosting. I was paying close to the $44.95 that GVO charges and was getting less than 1/3 of the diskspace and one tenth of the bandwidth per month.

You can set up a business installing blogs and charge for the hosting Levitra each month. Or you allow them to get a GVO membership under you and you can set up the blog for them at a discount. If they only want a blog, that is perfect, you can get your cashflow coming in from the hosting for just the blog.

But You Get So Much More
What excites lasix online me the most about GVO hosting is that you get much more than just hosting.  The unlimited autoresponders is worth more than the hosting membership and that is free with your account. You also get a 10 seat virtual conference room for talking with clients face to face included with your membership, too! Then there is the video production suite, with video hosting that saves me a lot of time and money. And I don’t pay anything more than the $44.95 per month!

Another Secret Meeting
A meeting took place Sunday night that affects the world as we know it.

It was not put together by the heads of state of the top nations.

It was not a meeting of the leaders of terror groups around the globe.

It was a meeting of the leaders of GVO. And they discussed the types of things that would make your mind boggle. How many direct referrals you need to be able to use a profit center, how many people should be allowed to attend a high level workshop that Joel Therien is putting on in San Antonio and even the type of event that GVO is holding in Vegas this year.

But the thing that really caught my attention was about the launch that is taking place today. They have over 72,000 people in their prelaunch list and many of them have said they want to get going with GVO.
Levitra />
But Joel is not pulling the trigger until noon today.

Because he has a surprise in store for everyone!

Check this out. Joel discussed the availability of a one year prepayment option that comes with so many bonuses, that we were looking at our phones in total disbelief when he explained it to us!

Not only that, but these upsells are fully commissionable at 50% for your direct referrals! If that does not get you excited, I am not sure if you understand the way commissions work!

No other MLM offers these kinds of plans. But forget about the MLM for a minute! Think about this as an affiliate program!

You should be promoting this as an affiliate! You could be making 50% commissions on some hefty packages, $547, $1997 and others as well!

Imagine being able to collect some huge commission checks by helping your clients get their hosting one year at a time.

This is one of the biggest deals I have seen in a long time, and I was totally beside myself with excitement when GVO was announced. But not only that, you still can get commissions 10 levels deep from the second month on…

And all it takes for you to lock in your own commission spot is to sell two direct referrals…

And you get the help of everyone who got here before you! We are all on the same team, helping each other with the best places to advertise, the right copy to use, the banners that help bring in new prospects, a prospecting system that allows you full followup access to your leads, daily webinars to show you how to tell people about this great hosting plan and training webinars that explain how to set up an optin list or whatever else you may have questions about.

I have resisted the MLM lure for years.

But Levitra when the MLM brought me the tools I am already using at a price well below the cost of getting all of these separately, it was not difficult to open my eyes to the possibility that even if I never sell one spot, I am still saving hundreds of dollars a year!

Of course, I have made hundreds of dollars already, and we are only launching tomorrow. It is very important that you take a few minutes and consider the alternatives.

You decide to ignore the GVO messages…

People will still get GVO hosting whether you sign up or not.

People will still make commissions on those new people, whether they sign up under you or not. GVO will continue to grow their customer base and add value for their clients.

I will continue to build an organization that is currently breaking 3000 people right now.

The marketers in my downline will continue to grow my business whether I can do it or not.

You are still going to need hosting, autoresponders, video tools, conferencing, etc.

Why not take a few more minutes buy zithromax online and look at what GVO is offering moneygram texas you regardless of the income opportunity.


Anyone who is my direct referral that purchases a one weight loss acomplia year hosting plan will get access to my 5 Day Business Challenge (a savings of $247) to help you set up a traffic network to add more people to your GVO downline.

You can find out more about the 5 Day Business Challenge by going here:


You will want hosting anyway, right?

Sign up to GVO, and when you have the chance to upgrade to the one year plan, you will be able to claim your access to the 5 Day Business Challenge before we start the next webinar!


Your future could be so bright that you have to wear a welder’s helmet to see! Come join our team:

http://trygvonow.com brand buy cialis online 32 Niagara Falls

Micheal Savoie

PS – You can also get the same bonus for signing up under


Or even Bernie Dorman (he is my intern after all):


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