High Quality Landing Pages: Your Wildcat Offense?

Watching the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets battling it out on Monday Night Football, I could envision all of the people on their sofas, pounding down their beers and wolfing down their snacks. Oblivious to the world around them. The reason that people were glued to their sets was the fact that the game was a nail biter.

Each team would thwart the other, and the next time they had the ball, they would figure out a new way to get down the field. The most important lesson is that you never give up. Make the competition pay for their victory, if you aren’t going to win!

The Dolphins used their Wildcat formation as a tool to throw off the opposing defense, and they did it effectively throughout the game.  The Jets countered with a couple of tools in their toolbox, like the faked punts that got them a first down twice in the first half.  The buy Niagara Falls cheap online more lasix order tools in your toolbox, the more likely you are to handle any adversity, because when trouble strikes, you have a tool for that!
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I make sure I get the tools I need for my online business. One of the latest tools to grace my toolbox was provided to me by Raakesh Blokhra, a PPC expert who manages to beat his competition with Adwords by making his own quality score so high, that the competition has to pay a lot more for their clicks than Raakesh pays. He has taken one of his secrets for getting great quality scores and turned it into a software tool and has now made it possible for the rest of us to do it, too.

What It Does
InstantLP creates Google Friendly Landing Pages. It automates the process, so that you are only adding the content, and InstantLP does the rest. This is terrific for those of us who are too busy to take the time to buy Niagara Falls pill make landing pages that look good and satisfy Google’s Quality Score investigators. InstantLP also allows you to create pages in HTML or PHP to allow you more flexibility for your ad campaigns.

Even if you have a blog, I recommend that you create some landing pages that direct people to it as an added traffic generation method. With more ways to get to your blog, your traffic will continue to increase.

Why Landing Pages?
Landing pages allow you to tailor an ad campaign generic zithromax that gives you high click through numbers while giving visitors a relevant page to land generic levitra on. This makes it much easier levitra drugs to get high quality scores for larger numbers of keywords, because each landing page is designed Cialis for a specific set of keywords. When a visitor arrives on your landing page, they should see some information that will reinforce their decision to click on your link, along with an optin form to get them into your marketing funnel, and a way to get to your money page.

How To Get More Information
Raakesh, who is using PPC to make a very good living, is offering to teach you the strategies that have made him very successful in a live webinar. You should take advantage of this by going to the INstantLP buy flagyl without prescription site and making a purchase of the InstantLP Buy Female Viagra software, and you will be invited to the webinar.

When you take advantage of the Google Quality Score to lower your pay per click costs, you are digging into your playbook, much like the buy cheap acomplia Dolphins did by handing the ball to Ricky Williams and letting him hammer through the defensive line on Monday Night. The competition began getting tired, so that when Ronny Brown got the ball in his hands, he was bursting through the lines and getting more yards than at the beginning of the game. Once you can inflict Cialis a high Niagara Falls soft cost for competing with you, many will give up, and you will find your sales increasing buy online acomplia steadily because you took the time to do it right!

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